The Goodwood Festival of Speed is running full tilt today. But before we switch gears, I wanted to highlight one vehicle's presence.

That would be the Aston Martin DBX. You know, Aston's first-ever sport-utility vehicle.

Yes, another sports car manufacturer has fallen into the trap.

That said, the DBX did a run yesterday. Not only did we get to hear its V8 running at wide open throttle, I think this video actually sheds quite a bit of light on its look. If you look closely you'll note it has a profile similar to other four-door coupe SUVs. In addition, the car is looking pretty close to final.

As you can hear it is most definitely powered by a V8 engine. We're assuming it'll be a Mercedes-AMG unit given how Aston and the three-pointed star are now in bed together. Rumors suggest a V12 could come later down the 'pike but we suspect a plug-in variant will be arriving first.

Get your first look at the upcoming Aston Martin DBX as the 2020 prototype took to the hill at

#FOS: Prototype Aston Martin DBX Tackles The Goodwood Hillclimb — What Do YOU Think?

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