The automotive world is an interesting one. That's because it spans an entire ecosystem and, guess what?

A lot of people get paid.

Probably one of the biggest myths in the auto business is that someone isn't doing that well. Fat chance. Between incentives, cash on the hood programs and bonus structures, a lot of people within the space are getting paid.

Having said that, Agent 001 and I were discussing new car sales today. It seems that in a lot of our experiences buying new rides there are a lot of simply unqualified professionals selling cars.

We'll excuse them not know every single feature — even though they should. We're talking about dealers that just do not know the basics.

Take, for example, if you're searching for a deal and you call up a dealer asking "Do you have any 0% vehicles right now?" they should be able to answer that off the top of their head. They shouldn't have to call you back.

Or, how about when you provide specs and the salesperson confirms they don't have what you are seeking in stock, but then decides to cross- or up-sell you?

So, we've got to ask: Are MOST car salespeople just dumb or is it a tactic so you go EASIER on them when negotiating?

Are Most Car Salespeople Just Dumb Or Is It A Tactic So You Go EASIER On Them When Negotiating?

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