Last night we ran a story asking you about your experience with salespeople.

But, something I've been marinating on, is whether or not certain brands have better salespeople. Obviously, car dealers follow a franchise model and that can fester dealership groups that follow specific practices — good or bad. Simply put, some are better than others.

In my experiences, however, I've noted that certain brands tend to be better than others when it comes to hiring sales talent. Part of that is because the automaker does its best to instill a particular culture with its frontline sales personnel.

This is why Lexus was highly regarded in the 1990s: Its emphasis on delivering an amazing customer experience at the dealership level helped drive sales.

But when I walk into a Ford dealership in the New York Tri-state area, I typically deal with an older salesperson that's trying to get as much margin as possible. Take it or leave it.

When I've strolled into a Mercedes dealerships their teams tend to be educated on the product and willing to work with you. Same deal with Audi and BMW.

Hyundai is a bit of a toss up with some salespeople looking to cut a deal while others are trying to sell the vehicle at sticker.

That said, I've got  to ask: WHICH brand has the BEST salespeople? Or, is that NOT brand specific?

What say you, Spies?

WHICH Brand Has The BEST Salespeople? Or Is This NOT Brand Specific?

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