There is one indisputable fact about people and their rides. They do some of the weirdest things to their vehicles.

We could go one for hours but let's call out a few things...

1. When they add the ridiculous fake Maserati side panel air vents to cars AND trucks for reasons God only knows. No we're NOT impressed that you added them to you F-250 Super Duty. We're only wondering about your sanity.

2. The "I'll remove the badging from my 318i so you'll THINK I own an M3." Does it ever work?

So many other examples that we hope you'll discuss in our comments section that you see but for now enjoy this shot I took today of a Ford Edge owner who has blacked out the Blue Oval badge hoping you and I will think they own a Porsche Cayenne.

Only one thing we can say when we see this idiocy.... WHY THO?

#WhyTho? You Blacked Out The Ford Badge Because You Think People Will Mistake It For A Cayenne?

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