I've got to be honest, Spies. The first- and second-generation Mercedes-Benz GL/GLS-Class vehicles never did it for me.

They seemed cheap on the inside and their exteriors were meh at best. My favorite part was when I was driving a second-gen GL and the back seats were rattling so bad it drove me insane.

In its third generation, however, the three-pointed star is emphasizing that it is an "S." In other words, worthy of the company's flagship nameplate.

Does it live up to it? Well, I suggest you watch this Roadshow review, below, and see for yourself.

Yes, it's bigger, but the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS especially impresses with its new EQ Boost mild hybrid system that adds a 184 pound-foot surge on top of its turbocharged engine's performance. That system also powers an active suspension that can lean into bends.

The new GLS450 feels more like a flagship than ever before. It features promising and innovative powertrain options, it looks pretty darn good for a big ol' box and benefits from a wave of new cabin and safety technology that I've enjoyed in other modern Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Maybe this time "the S-Class of SUVs" is more than just marketing.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: So, Is The 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS450 WORTHY Of The

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