When it comes to the German trio, there's no question that each manufacturer is bringing forward a class-competitive vehicle in just about every single category. There's a gap here or there but when it comes to the main volume sellers, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz go head-to-head just about everywhere.

That's hockey, folks.

In the world of large luxury sedans, it comes down to the 7-Series, A8 and S-Class. But with the 7'er and S getting refreshes indicating they're long in the tooth, what does the all-new A8 bring to the table.

Our friends at Consumer Reports decided to weigh in with this short clip that approaches the A8 at a high level. Check it out to better understand CR's point of view in regards to its pros and cons.

The Audi A8 is one of the most impressive cars CR has ever tested. Its smooth and powerful drivetrain, serene ride, super comfortable seats, and elegant, tech-rich interior make this ultra-luxury sedan a delight to drive. But we think important advanced safety features such as blind spot warning and rear cross traffic warning should come standard on a car that starts at over $80,000.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: If You're Shopping For A BMW 7-Series Or Mercedes S-Class, Should You CONSIDER The Audi A8?

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