The Audi e-tron sport-utility vehicle has hit US-based dealers and has been on the market for some time now. But, I am not sure if you'd know it.

Simply put, I haven't seen one owned vehicle on the road. I have seen a press vehicle and one dealer demo, however. I checked in with Agent 001 who also has yet to see an owned vehicle on the road in SoCal. According to friends in the loop, July sales are expected to drop off from the previous two months.

So, what's up?

What's even more perplexing is a more grassroots and in-your-face marketing strategy that the four rings has taken on in Germany. A recently snapped image shows an all-new e-tron parked in close proximity to a Tesla store.

This comes days after reports surfaced about Audi strategically placing e-tron SUVs at Tesla supercharging stations.

All that said, we've got to ask a straightforward question: Is this marketing tactic the ULTIMATE sign of desperation? Or, is this just the way the game's played?

What say you, Spies?

...An image of Audi’s more assertive e-tron push was posted online by electric vehicle enthusiast Provotroll1, who shared a photo of the all-electric SUV being marketed in front of a Tesla store in Stuttgart, Germany. Based on the image, the e-tron appeared to be attracting some attention from passers-by, with several people checking out the vehicle.

Audi’s decision to place an e-tron booth in front of Tesla’s store in Stuttgart will likely prove to be a more effective strategy than
bringing the vehicle to Superchargers. The Supercharger Network, after all, is one of Tesla’s key advantages over the e-tron, as Audi’s all-electric SUV relies on third-party chargers for long-distance travel. Thus, bringing the e-tron to Superchargers actually highlights the vehicle’s inferiority to Tesla’s electric cars...

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Is This Move By Audi The ULTIMATE Sign Of Desperation?

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