One would think that if you introduce a product and it's a runaway sales success, you start preparing ammunition for round two. Well, not at Bentley.

According to a report, its President and CEO, Adrian Hallmark, has confirmed that the legendary British marque does not have any plans for a sport-utility vehicle sibling at this point in time. Apparently, the company has yet to even scratch the surface of what's possible with the luxury SUV.

This strikes us as a bit peculiar. Remember, the Bentayga makes up about 50 percent of Bentley's sales.

While the Bentayga certainly has an impressive interior, there's not much else going for it. Sure, it's quick. But it isn't much more than a glamours Audi Q7. That's taking into consideration its driving dynamics and ride quality, which is sub par for the price of admission.

There is a catch to what Hallmark said, however. He did note that he could see the company doing different twists on SUVs in the future. A bit vague, obviously, but then again he is a CEO protecting the company's plans.

...According to Adrian Hallmark, president and CEO of Bentley Motors, the Bentayga is more than enough for now.

Speaking exclusively to carsales following
Bentley's 100th anniversary celebration at Crewe in England this month, Hallmark has was clear about the British brand’s SUV plans.“Direct answer?

We are not looking at that,” Hallmark said bluntly in response to our question about additional SUV models...


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