In the pursuit of record-breaking lap times and greater performance, the purity of driver's cars is being taken away. Rear-wheel drive is sure to be a relic of the past in short order.

That's because everything is going all-wheel drive.

While AWD was long considered a simple luxury, it's turned into a necessary evil. Sure, it helps high-performance vehicles get planted and launch more quickly off the line. Sure, it helps churn through white powder in the winter months.

But is it really any fun? In many cases, yes. But in those situations where you're seeking a pure driving experience, forget about it.

AWD will never compete there. But I think the auto manufacturers are completely fine with that.

The latest to bite the dust? Surprisingly, it's the next-gen Mercedes-AMG C63. According to reports, it's been confirmed that the all-new C63 will feature AWD and have a Drift Mode that'll let the ass hang wide at speed.

At this stage though, I've got to wonder: Although I am bummed, does it even matter if the C63 AMG ditches a rear-wheel drive setup?

The next generation Mercedes-AMG C63 will be 4WD, bringing to an end the era of Merc’s fast rear-wheel drive super-saloons. Following in the footsteps of the current E63, a source confirmed to that the next generation hot C-Class, due in 2021, will be equipped with Drift mode, AMG’s system that decouples the front driveshafts.

Beyond that the C63 is likely to retain its twin turbo 4.0-litre V8, although with power increased to combat the threat posed by the new BMW M3 due next year. That uses the new 3.0-litre twin turbo straight six recently seen in the X3M, where it develops 503bhp. In flagship S guise we understand the C63 is likely to produce 542bhp...

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RUMOR: Another One Bites The Dust! Next-gen Mercedes-AMG C63 To Go AWD — Does It Matter At THIS Point?

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