Mercedes-Benz's electric vehicle product lineup expansion is starting to take shape, Spies. Now that the EQC sport-utility vehicle has seen the light of day, it appears that the three-pointed star is poised to see more EVs coming down the 'pike.

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise given that every automaker is playing catch up right now with Tesla. It's just that no one has delivered something competitive just quite yet. Porsche may be the first.

That doesn't mean that automakers aren't trying. Mercedes is positioning to drop an all-new, S-Class-like EV. Dubbed the EQS, sources are saying it will have the luxurious qualities of an S without actually being the brand's full-size luxury sedan.

Go figure.

In its latest spy shots, the EQS is certainly not taking after the next-gen S-Class. It looks more like a modified CLS-Class. That means sweeping lines and a rather aggressive four-door coupe-like greenhouse. One major difference is the rear windscreen treatment. The EQS almost looks to have a fastback-like hatch — perhaps this will assist in lowering its coefficient of drag?

That said, we've got to ask: What do YOU think the Mercedes-Benz EQS NEEDS to SUCCEED against the latest iteration of EVs?

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SPIED! What Does Mercedes' Tesla-fighting EQS NEED To SUCCEED?

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