Today, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) discussed its second quarter earnings. As a part of this, the company is happy to discuss its results as well as also show its roadmap for what's coming down the 'pike.

There's just one thing that stood out. Maserati's roadmap features an all-new sports car joining its ranks in 2020.

Could it be? Could it be the Alfieri, which has been discussed since 2014?

To refresh, the Alfieri has been the company's on/off sports car. Essentially, it's been hotly debated as to whether it actually exists or if its been killed off numerous times now. It's still as clear as mud.

But, rather than wonder if it's the Alfieri or some alternative, I think there's a bigger question here. Does anyone even care that a Maserati sports car is on the way?

Of greater interest, for 2021 is an all-new D-UV. According to reports this will be a mid-size offering that slots in below the Levante and may even benefit from an electric powertrain.

SPIED! Maserati Rolling Out An All-new Sports Car For 2020 — Does ANYONE Actually Care Though?

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