So, I just want to get real for one second. Although General Motors' all-new C8 Chevrolet Corvette is a mighty impressive reveal, I've got to be honest: I am SO perplexed by it.

Something has been eating at me since the Corvette's unveil.

GM's overall product portfolio really isn't that brilliant. I've said it what feels like 1,000 times at this point. GM builds trucks and high-performance vehicles well — the sporty stuff tends to be the better of the two. Everything else is suspect.

Hell, even its trucks aren't knocking it out of the park. Just look at the new Silverado, which is by and large a miss.

I've got to wonder when I see it ship the VERY compelling C8 Z51 Corvette Stingray for LESS than $60,000: Why can't GM make its other products equally as great and priced as competitively? THINK: If you go build a well-equipped, all-new Blazer it quickly hits the $50,000 mark. And it's not close to being as great as the all-new C8 is for $60,000.

GM clearly is swinging for the fences with the 'Vette. It's exciting, featuring an all-new design and all-new technology. Why can't its other products be taken as seriously and given the same treatment? If so, we reckon GM would be one ferocious product company delivering some of the most competitive autos in the industry.

Instead, we're mostly dealing with a horror show of ghastly vehicles that are overpriced and deliver rather middle of the road experiences.

Let's Get SERIOUS For A Second: Why Can't GM

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