As we shift from gasoline-powered vehicles into a new era of electrification, and possibly greater autonomy, pure driver's cars are highly sought after. And, looking back, there's a lot of autos that fit into that category that has used vehicle prices exploding.

And then there's the insane vintage market where something like a Dino 246 GT or Land Rover Defender are going for a pretty penny.

After running across an Autocar article, I found myself wondering what our colorful audience has previously owned, and sold, with heavy hearts.

Let's hear it, Spies!

Like keen fishermen, Autocar's writers are often spinning yarns about "the ones that got away", but they're not talking about elusive carp. 

If you’ve been lucky enough to own one of your dream cars, you might be familiar with longing for a machine you once owned. Whether through financial necessity, profit-hunting or just poor decision-making, these are the much-missed motors we let go...

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WHICH Vehicles Have You SOLD That You Regret To THIS Day?

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