BMW certainly has its work cut out for itself as it develops the all-new i4. That's because it's going up against the Tesla Model 3, which is selling quite well against all odds.

Elon Musk is selling ketchup popsicles to people wearing white gloves and they're eating it up and asking for seconds. It's amazing, really.

That said, BMW has been tinkering away. The i4 will be the brand's first proper response and entry into the normal buyer's electric vehicle game. We're hoping for 300+ miles on a charge and some impressive performance specs. If it doesn't have both, this car's toast.

Seen in the latest spy shots, the i4's shape appears to take creative license from the current-gen 4-Series Gran Coupe. That's not exactly high praises, folks. Even more concerning, it doesn't seem to look like a revolutionary product. Say what you will about the i3 and i8, they at least looked the part.

Hopefully there's still a lot more hiding underneath the i4's camouflage.

That said, what say you, Spies? Are you digging the i4 in these latest shots or are you already underwhelmed?

As in previous prototype shots, a clear visual link between the i4 and the latest 3 Series can be seen. The i4 will share much of its design with the upcoming second-generation 4 Series.

However, a side-on view reveals that the new car appears higher off the ground (both in terms of roof height and ground clearance) than today's 4 Series, suggesting a raised floor to accommodate a sizeable long-range battery. Other tell-tale signs that this is the i4 include a blanked-off front grille, fake 'exhausts' in the disguise and legally mandated 'electric test vehicle' stickers...

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SPIED! BMW's Upcoming Tesla Model 3 Competitor, The i4, Is Seen Undressing...Slowly...

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