About two years ago, I remember thinking it very clearly: I want a simple car. I don't want a digital instrument panel. Nor do I want more screens elsewhere in my vehicle.

I've heard crow doesn't taste THAT bad.

Fast forward to present day. More and more of the latest and greatest automobiles feature digital screens. From the instrument panel to stacked screens in the center stack and console. They're everywhere. Originally, the thought really bothered me. Mostly because AT SOME POINT these screens are gonna go kaput. Then what? You're left with a helluva tab, that's what.

Also, many of the first digital IPs didn't think outside of the box. Many featured the traditional setup of a speedometer next to a tachometer. If you were lucky some components were adjustable or configurable. Today it's much different as the IP can switch based on driver modes or, in some cases, you can set it up each "zone" exactly how you wish.

It's great if you're a technology fan.

Recently, I had the chance to drive the new Ford Mustang Bullitt. While it was one of the most fun vehicles I've driven in recent memory, I liked other things I wouldn't have guessed before I got behind the wheel. One of my favorite items was the fully digital instrument panel that adjusted based on driving modes. It was splendid and, most importantly, easy-to-read.

Here's the funny thing though. The following week when I hopped into a Mustang Shelby GT350, I was confronted with a traditional set of gauges — I was TOTALLY bummed. I wanted the digital IP back, which is something I never thought I'd say.

So, I've got to ask, Spies: WHICH would you rather? Would you rather traditional gauges OR the digital screen?

WHICH Would You Rather? To (Go) Digital Or NOT To (Go) Digital, That Is The Question...

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