Recently, while tooling around in a Honda Passport press vehicle, I stumbled upon gold at the local mall. It's times like these I love being located so close to BMW of North America's corporate headquarters.

Debadged, sitting among a row of parked autos was a DTN-plated pre-production M850i Gran Coupe.

SPIED! BMW M850i Gran Coupe.

While I am sure 95 percent of the general population just passed by without noticing what was seemingly another ordinary black BMW, I was happy to note the empty corner space next to it.

Hopping out I did a full walkaround of the M850i Gran Coupe. And, everything is as you'd expect. But, boy, I didn't expect it to be so much damn longer. You actually forget how streamlined the M850i coupe's roofline is until you're right next to one, which as luck would have it, was only a few hundred feet away parked in valet.

What I found particularly cool about the Gran Coupe was its backseat, which appeared to have similar legroom to what one would find in a 7-Series short wheelbase — you know, the one that isn't offered here in the States.

Unlike other four-door coupes, this one will definitely be usable. If you're considering the M850i Coupe, a word of advice: Skip it. Wait for the Gran Coupe.

SPIED! BMW M850i Gran Coupe.

SPIED On The STREET! Pre-production BMW M850i Gran Coupe Gets Nabbed In Public For The FIRST Time

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