I had a nice Saturday morning.

Woke up, popped over to my favorite coffee shop where I posted a couple stories. Then, I had a little nagging feeling.

After reconnecting with a Toyota employee this week, my interest in the all-new Supra was reignited. Frankly, I have been pretty cold on the Supra. The all-new BMW Z4 hasn't even been on my radar — I couldn't care less. So, I rang up one of my local dealers to see if they had one in the showroom. I need to know if I fit before having a press vehicle delivered. Being 6'8 has its drawbacks, folks.

Good news! They had two. After meeting a sales manager she took me to the area where they detail vehicles. And there it was. A black launch edition looking squeaky clean. After doing a quick once over, I have to say the Supra looks really damn good in a tux.

Popping open the door, I was greeted with a black/red interior. Inspecting the door jamb, the production cars are shipping with the BMW AG VIN sticker. After spending 15 seconds adjusting the seat, I climbed in and was pleasantly surprised. Plenty of room in all directions. The roofline and door cut out is a bit severe for style's sake but the ceiling is scooped out so that I could likely wear a helmet.

While indulging in a lobster omelette at a local cafe, I had a realization. I really want to drive the all-new Supra now. You just have to see the Supra — in person — in black.

Funny little thing happened on the way home. I stopped over at a BMW dealer. A matte gray Z4 M40i was prepped and awaiting delivery. Still cold on it, Spies.

All that said, I've got to ask: Have you recently seen any all-new vehicle that initially turned you off BUT once you saw it in the flesh you changed your mind?

WHICH All-new Vehicle Changed YOUR Opinion Once You Saw It In The Flesh?

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