Having the ability to test a wide swath of products really does shine a light on where some products are good and others are not so good. It also elevates areas where there's a universal problem.

Take, for example, autos and their Bluetooth connectivity.

In some vehicles it's as simple as a couple clicks in their infotainment display and pairing the phone. In others, it's a bit more detailed. With Mercedes-Benz's latest products you have to pair the phone two times: Once for making calls and, again, if you want to use your phone to listen to music — kind of silly.

But that's only the start.

That's because one area where it seems all vehicles seem to miss the boat is with making calls. And there's a variety of ways these systems are a let down. Most of them lack clarity on the line. You can tell immediately when you switch it back/forth from the headset to piping the audio through the vehicle's Bluetooth. Then there's just audio systems that simply aren't loud enough. Take, for example, the Volvo XC40 I am driving this week. On the highway I can't even hear who I am speaking with on the other end of the call.

That said, I've got to ask, Spies: What are your BIGGEST auto-related pet peeves?

What's One Of Your BIGGEST Auto-related Pet Peeves?

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