If you read about the 2020 Corvette the two top things that resonate from GM's messaging is supercar competitor and UNDER 60k starting price.

Amazing right?

For the first time since I owned a Tahoe in 2001, I'm actually THINKING of getting a Corvette. That is IF it's no more than MSRP.

My guess is with the right options you'll be able to get a decent config for low to mid 70's. You can't buy a 10 year old 4.2 Audi R8 for that. So kudos to GM for the first interesting product since the debut of the first Escalade.

But as I ponder that and I see people posting reviews of the new Chevy Blazer and what the pricing is of that I can't help but think...If GM can build something as great as the 2020 Corvette and charge so little, HOW THE F is a Blazer OVER 50k or the Cadillac Escalade approaching six figures?

And for perspective the new Kia Telluride is even NICER than an Escalade and it maxes out at UNDER $50k.

Spies, discuss...

If GM Can Sell The New Corvette For UNDER 60k, HOW ON EARTH Can They Charge OVER 50k For A BLAZER Or Almost 6 Figures For Escalade?

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