The first official photo of the upcoming Porsche Taycan dashboard/center nav screen was released and when I saw it, I kind of thought it was a joke.

Shaking head...But it ISN'T.

It's pretty much the same size and horizontal orientation as most old school luxury cars today.

Respectfully, WTF ARE THEY THINKING?????

Did they not do ANY research on their competition?

I mean we've been writing for YEARS that the ginormous screen in the Tesla Model S was probably the MAIN reason that seduced many buyers to roll the dice and jump from BMW, Lexus, MB, Audi, etc.

Whenever ANYONE shows me a Tesla the FIRST thing they show off is the SCREEN. And I can't lie. As a tech guy, my guess is if you surveyed owners of any competitor, 90% would PREFER a screen like that over what's in their BMW, etc.

That one item makes the car look like it's from the future, not the past like all the others.

Size DOES matter in this case.

And doesn't a candidate for this car want a BRAND NEW interface that is different from past cars like getting a new iPhone?

Don't underestimate how important it is for this group of customers to SHOW OFF their toy to show you how much SMARTER, BETTER and more ahead of the trends they are than us. They LIVE for this.

So it leads me to ask the question...with the reviewers of Taycan saying the range doesn't match the Tesla and now the center screen being same as it ever was...Is that TWO STRIKES against Taycan even BEFORE it launches?

Spies, discuss...

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Porsche Taycan Range Anxiety And Now A LAME Nav Center Screen Compared To Tesla. Two Strikes ALREADY?

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