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Even though sales are stronger than the previous generation BMW 7-Series, dealers will tell you in confidence that they've been disappointed with the whole design and electronic glitch debacle that has plagued the car since introduction.

The good news for BMW traditionalists is the next version's design will be more evolutionary than revolutionary.

And more refined and elegant.

But don't look for BMW to stop the technology stampede on the next car...

The Spies are hearing from reliable sources that the new 7 will employ a bevy of new technologies that would make the engineers over at Lexus blush!

Forget back up camera's. We're told the new 7 will have AT LEAST four camera's that will do everything from parking, backup assistance, around corner sighting, lane departure monitoring, plus a couple surprise features.

We also hear that BMW will incorporate things like night vision into the main speedometer area and the next cars gauges will be virtual projected onto a plasma style screen, ala new Mercedes S-Class.

And when it comes to power and performance this WILL be the ultimate driving machine as it will employ the new turbo technology to the enth power.

Look out AMG!

Sources tell us the high end of the line will cross the 700hp barrier.

And give the same fuel economy as the current 750! Want more?

Third generation adaptive cruise, the best BMW sound system in history, all new navigation system with the next generation traffic monitoring, etc., an even more intelligent key system, all show up on the next car.

Stay tuned, we will publish more details as they emerge.

Spies uncover exclusive details about the next generation BMW 7-Series

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