I know. It's a DISEASE.

The car buying bug is HARD to shake.

And even when you get it under control, it never really goes away for good.

So I'm in that mode again.

And I'm itching for a pickup.

I love the last gen F-150 so I'm open to used with EXTREMELY low miles.

But with pricing the way it is and the low financing rates 0% on RAM, 0% on GM and 1.9% on Ford's, it's probably smarter to go new.

RAM and GM have the deepest discounts and with the zero percent, they're hard to not consider. I like the F-150 better and think it's the best, but the bottom line it's not worth 15k more.

It's also slim pickins on inventory so I'm not against jumping on a plane to go get it and have an adventure driving it back.

What are the must haves?

1. Active cruise/co-pilot/Super cruise.
2. LOVE the Ford massaging seats and in a perfect world the others should have them too. I know GM just added them.
3. 4WD
4. Open to engine choices.
5. Like the hideaway electric running boards.
6. Panoramic glass roof.
7. Open to bed size but I normally like a supercrew with a 6.4-5 bed
8. NO EV's.

So there you have it Spies.

Help me make a final choice. Or throw something TOTALLY different out there that I haven't thought about and make me change my mind!

 HELP A Brother Out! WHICH Truck Should 001 Buy Next? Ford F-150? RAM 1500, Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra Or SOMETHING TOTALLY DIFFERENT?

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