Car interiors sure have changed in the last twenty years.

Who remembers the first time they saw this?

I bought a dealer demo 5-Series wagon in 2000 and it had the navigation system. I thought I had landed on an episode of Star Trek!

But since then there are all kinds of interpretations of what is best for drivers and the battle for the interior just amplifies by the day.

The new Mercedes EQS has taken the tech to the furthest extreme yet to entice customers away from Tesla but the jury is out if people like it past the wow factor.

So we want to know which vehicles in dealers TODAY have the BEST human interfaces and controls?

And do you lean toward the EQS spectrum or the 70's Subaru look still in some of their cars today?

WHICH Vehicles In Dealers TODAY Have The BEST And WORST Driver INTERFACES And Controls? And Do YOU Prefer LOTS Of Tech Or TRADITIONAL?

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