According to Richard Porter, a motoring journalist and The Grand Tour script editor, the era of Volkswagen producing cars that people truly desire to hop in and simply drive has come to an end. This revelation comes after his experience with one of the brand's latest electric vehicles, the ID.5 coupé-SUV.

In his review for the Sunday Times Magazine, Porter asserts that Volkswagen's decline began following the "Dieselgate" emissions testing scandal, which compelled the company to fully embrace electrification. However, this transition necessitated the creation of entirely new and costly technology.

Porter states, "Having paid significant fines and compensation, VW now seeks to recoup its losses by employing the electric vehicle hardware across as many models as possible." This explains the influx of new electric Volkswagen models, along with related vehicles from Audi, Skoda, and Cupra, over the past four years. The lineup commenced with the ID.3 hatchback, followed by the ID.4 SUV and the stylish ID. Buzz retro van. Additionally, China has been introduced to the ID.6, a large SUV, and soon consumers will have the opportunity to purchase the ID.7 sedan.

Between VW and GM, it's hard to find a company this large that keeps swinging and missing on virtually EVERYTHING they make.

When is the media going to report the truth on both of these underperformers?

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