Hundreds of Mustang enthusiasts will converged at Ford World Headquarters this morning in honor of National Mustang Day. 

To celebrate Ford Mustang’s 54th birthday and its third straight year as best-selling sports car in the world, the Ford team in Dearborn, Mich., is hosted an event with the simple moniker “Cars & Coffee.”  

Mustang owner’s clubs around the globe, including Canada, Mexico and Australia, are holding their own celebrations, according to the automaker.

You’ve got to hand it to Ford in making a big deal out of 54. Fifty years old, sure. But 54? Maybe the thinking is every year after a certain age is a gift, why wait for the so-called “landmark” birthdays?

My first car ever was a blue 1974 Mustang II Coupe. Not the best Mustang in my opinion but it holds a special place in my heart, since it was my first baby.

So many cool ones over the years but let's open this up and tell us WHICH was your favorite? And if you could have it now, what color/option combo would it be?

Spies, discuss...

Happy National Mustang Day! Tell Us WHICH Model Was Your Favorite Ever?

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