PPI RAZOR GT/GTR Supercar in Optical Carbon Fiber

Intense driving pleasure in a strikingly bold design.

The Exclusive German tuner of Audi vehicles, PPI Automotive Design, GmbH, intensifies the fire and presents the special limited production Supercar, the PPI RAZOR GT and PPI RAZOR GTR.

All parts are made from the advance carbon fiber technology used in the aerospace and F1 racing industries. The exterior features a widebody kit with a new front bumper, front spoiler, front bonnet, front fenders, sideskirts, sideblades (or as PPI now calls them, Aeroblades), rear fenders, rear bumper, rear diffuser, rear spoiler, and a new rear engine cover with air channels that can be fitted with a Polycarbonate, scratch-resistant and UV coated glass in solid or slotted form. All this Carbon Fiber and lightweight materials strips about 250 kilos (551 lbs) from the vehicle’s weight.

PPI engineers have managed to create a supercar out of the Audi R8, resulting in a wider, lighter, more stable, and more aggressive body. Keeping in mind the philosophy of “form follows function”. Every air channel, intake has a function and purpose on this mid-engined supercar. First and foremost to increase air delivery to the engine, secondly, to provide greater engine cooling, thirdly, to increase brake cooling, and fourth, to increase aerodynamic stability.

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2010 Audi R8 PPI Razor GTR Visible Carbon Fiber Widebody breaks cover

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